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The best Organic, Non-dairy Milk in Boise, Idaho.

Dairy Free, Nut Milks, made from organic sprouted almonds, cashews and pistachios

JUNE 25 - JULY 3

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Homemade Organic Non-Dairy Milks

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Clean, Nutritious and Healthy

The Mylk Box was created with your health in mind. Established in 2022, The Mylk Box team saw a need for a local Boise provider of quality non-dairy milks and other organic options.

Dedicated to Quality

The Mylk Box brings a different perspective to nutrition. Using quality organic ingredients and made in Boise, Idaho, you can taste a difference in healthy alternatives. We believe in providing quality products and options.

More Than Just Drinks

Not only do we serve hot and cold drinks, but we also have a selection of items to enjoy as a treat. We offer a variety of savory and sweet  gluten free items as well as local retail items.

Homemade Nut Milk vs. Store Bought Nut Milk

Store bought nut milk only contains 2.5% nuts while the remainder is water, gums, preservatives and seed oils. All of which are causes for inflammation in of the body.

Our milks are sprouted, organic, containing pink Himalayan salt and cinnamon. They contain NO preservatives, gums, recede oils.

*Our sweet milks are made sweet by maple syrup.

Our story

The Mylk Box Beginnings

A Family Owned, Community Fueled, Small Business.

The Zirpolos have past experience in the health industry on different levels. Idaho has a strong agriculture history which provides the state with may great offerings. The Zirpolos wanted to use the strong agriculture industry to help create something unique.

The availability of quality Non-dairy milks, made from fresh, organic ingredients, was lacking in the Boise area. Having noticed this, The Mylk Box was born to serve this gap in the community. The Zirpolos created The Mylk Box, joining the community local businesses focused on clean reliable ingredient sources.

The Zirpolos are passionate about all things health and eager to provide the community with their taste of the finest Non-dairy milks,  coffee, teas, E3 Live and other goods.

Visiting The Mylk Box is a a must for clean food/drinks, good vibes and overall wellness. Come visit us today!

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Meet The Owner

Photo of the owner

Stop By And Say Hi To Stacia

All mylks are sourced from organic, local farmers, helping to ensure quality. The packaging is recyclable, and there's a discount for customers who bring back their bottles for refills.

“What makes us unique is homemade nut milks with only 2-3 ingredients.”

“Store-bought alternative milks have processed oils, preservatives, gums, and other bad ingredients.”

Shop Local

Local Means Idaho

We love to support our community and do it by placing their products on our shelves.

Our suppliers are people in and around the community. They place emphasis on quality products and take pride in their work.

Featured Local Product

Local Honey: Steele Legacy

Local Boise, Idaho area honey. Steel Legacy raw clover honey is locally sourced in Caldwell, Idaho. Local honey has been proven to help with regional allergies.

Mylk & More

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frequently Asked Questions

Can i order milk?

Yes! Use the Contact Form to place your Custom Orders.

*1/2 gallon Milks require 1 day to process the custom milk order.*

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What are the unsweetened milk ingredients?
  • water
  • choice of nut
  • pink Himalayan salt
  • cinnamon
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What are the sweetened milk ingredients?
  • water
  • choice of nut
  • pink Himalayan salt
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • maple syrup
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where are you located?
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what are your hours?




10 AM–3 PM

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What if i have a question not answered here?
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**All orders for half gallon milk must be placed at least one day before pick up. Include both Email & Phone Number Info when placing an order**
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